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I’m proud to announce that Stash, one of my WordPress themes for writers and bloggers, now fully supports the new Gutenberg block editor and is 100% compatible with WordPress 5.0.

Stash 2.0 features a true one-to-one WYSIYG editor preview, full support for the new wide and full alignment options, styles for all blocks, a custom color palette and theme-specific editor font sizes. I left nothing out here folks.

Stash takes full advantage of the shiny new WordPress block editor, providing one of the absolute best writing experiences in WordPress.

— Rich Tabor

Adding full support for Gutenberg is no easy task, but it’s one I’m well accustomed to. Stash is the third Gutenberg WordPress theme in my collection, ad most assuredly its not the last.

A new kind of WordPress theme

Together, WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg are leading the way to a whole new era of WordPress. We’re already seeing new projects based on the block editor, and Gutenberg hasn’t even landed yet!

I’m thrilled to be a part of this transition and to be on the forefront of Gutenberg-ready WordPress themes. I’m absolutely confident you’re going to love this version of Stash.

Support for CoBlocks and Block Gallery

This latest update also adds support for CoBlocks and Block Gallery – other Gutenberg projects that I’ve been cooking up.

CoBlocks is a suite of editor blocks for content marketers and writers while Block Gallery is a collection of image gallery blocks for Gutenberg. Both block plugins fit perfectly with Stash, letting folks publish beautifully rich content and galleries.